premium Cryptocurrency World Expo Warsaw Summit 2017

Recorded: December 2017, Warsaw

22 Talks

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About the conference

Warsaw Summit 2017 brings both numerous news regarding the revolutionary Blockchain technology and use-cases which prove its value for today’s world. It is a comprehensive source of information about the latest trends on the cryptocurrency market and new investment opportunities, ICO ecosystem and its new, fascinating applications. Watch speeches of cryptocurrencies investors, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts and learn from their experience.


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Round Table discussion

Round Table

Creation of ICO as marketplace for tokens, digital assets and blockchain-based investing where you can research and invest in tokenized assets, launch a crowdsale and give your investors a tradable digital asset.

How to save the planet with mining?

Szczepan BentynCEO at Pracownia Nowych Technologii

Currently, the world Bitcoin mining consumes more electric energy than Morocco, and it will only continue to grow. Is there a chance to make mining a greener process? The solution which can save the planet, without stopping the rapid cryptocurrency development, lays in the renewable energy sources.

Marginal Trading

Ivan PetukhovskyCo-founder of EXMO Finance LLP

Why should cryptocurrency traders consider margin trading? How did this new idea emerge and why is it so attractive for crypto traders? An insightful speech answers the questions and reveals the nitty-gritty of the upcoming feature of the innovative cryptocurrency trading platform – EXMO

The new way of profiting from cryptocurrencies: trading with leverage

Dimitre TzonevCountry Manager at Admiral Markets UK

Cryptocurrency market is undergoing a continuous change since it came into existence. How could you make money on this volatile but exciting market? Learn what you should consider before taking your first steps in the world of crypto trading from an all-embracing speech of a seasoned trader and entrepreneur.

Cryptocurrency exchanges problem of clients' funds storage

Andrew ZimineCEO of Financial Ecosystem Exscudo

How to choose a safe way of storing cryptocurrency from the variety of options available on the market? Find out from an in-depth analysis of the cryptocurrency safe storage alternatives, intended not only for beginners.

Incubating Blockchain Ideas with Crypto Communities

Gabriel DusilCo-founder of Adel Ecosystem Ltd

A brief introduction to the history of the crypto-currency and how it is perceived today by the governments of the world. What is OTT and how does it link the cryptocurrency to services? What is the role of Blockchain in the development of cryptocurrency space? And answers to many other far-reaching questions.

Transforming supply chains with blockchain

Angel VersettiCEO at Ambrosus

What are the ways to protect consumers from poor quality products and how can cryptocurrencies and blockchain protocol be used to help? Insights into the Ambrosus technology with an in-depth explanation of how is the trusted quality of products ensured within the company's supply chain.

Applied cryptoeconomics: creating a sustainable DAO

Robert ViglioneCo-founder of ZenCash

Is cryptocurrency the outcome of a 100-year cyberpunk movement? Why is the decentralization of cryptocurrency systems perceived as a virtue? An insight into the philosophy of freedom and privacy at the base of the cryptocurrency revolution.

Blockchain technology in social media: the easiest way to achieve mass adoption

Krzysztof SzumnyFull-stack Developer

Social Media and Cryptocurrencies are two completely different worlds, but can they successfully overlap and positively influence the development of the cryptocurrency community? Can social media help solve problems of cryptocurrency communities?

Building a new era, introducing the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange, a crypto harbour

Philip YoungDirector of Gibraltar Stock Exchange

The place of Gibraltar in the global economy and its potential regarding the area of cryptocurrency market. What are the main challenges of token sale and how does the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange intend to solve them? An in-depth look at the future of Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange token sales policy.

Future of ICO

Ransu SalovaaraCEO of TokenMarket

Everything you need to know about the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). How does ICO work and what does the distribution process look like? Insight into the TokenMarket activity and its focus on ICO.

Opportunities & challenges in ICO ecosystem: use-case of pre-ICO startup accelerator

Sandris Murinsn BentynCo-founder of Iconiq Lab

How to solve the early stage investment industry problems associated with new technologies? The role of blockchain and ICO in supporting the modern investment industry and making it available to all potential investors. The change has already been made, what is the future of investing in technology?

Take Photo, Make Money

Vadim OnishchenkoCEO at Selfllery

Could anyone make money on taking photos and publishing them on Social Networks? Of course! Selfllery has developed a blockchain-based token ecosystem which allows you to earn by sharing and selling the individual visual content through the platform.

How the NAGA Coin will make financial and virtual goods trading accessible for everyone

Yasin Sebastian QuereshiFounder at NAGA GROUP AG

The difference between fiat currencies and crypto money – their true storage value. What is the future of cryptocurrencies and how will their values change in the future? An in-depth explanation of the role of token economy systems and how they should work.


Kim RomChief Gaming Officer at Kinguin

How to help gamers monetize their biggest passion? There is a niche in the technology solutions for the gaming industry which Kinguin is trying to fill. Take a closer look at the innovative solutions brought to the market by the Kinguin gaming platform.

Implementing cryptocurrency payments in real economics

Daniel RumyantsevVISO

Viso Payment System explained. Learn about the unique features of Viso and their utility. Find out how Viso is developing a Smart Terminal for all types of payments that will revolutionize the global payment system.

Business processes blockchainization and industry 4.0

Roman KravchenkoCo-founder, CEO at

What is the Economy 4.0? How has the economy of cryptocurrencies changed and how does it function today? How does Blockchain empower the new economy? Questions answered on the basis of a case studiey.

Lucyd: building next-gen smartglasses on a decentralized AR ecosystem

Konrad DąbrowskiFinance Director at Lucyd

Augmented vision is the future that will change our daily lives, but how is it connected to the cryptocurrency and token ecosystems? Insight into the future of Augmented Reality project – Lucyd, and the company's plans on creating a decentralized app store expediting the creation of smartglasses software.

BABB and the decentralization of banking

Rushd AverroesCEO at BABB

Banking reinvented - how BABB helps individuals excluded from the traditional banking system to safely manage their financial assets from any place in the world. Insight into the modern banking system created by BABB.

NaPoleonX: the 1st crypto asset manager running bots' army!

Jean Charles DudekCo-founder & CSO at Napoleon Capital

What is NaPoleonX and why did it come into existence? An in-depth presentation of the first crypto-algorithmic assets manager delivering solutions for crypto-orders, which owns a library of trading bots.


Jet YapCOO at CanYa

Wouldn't it be great to be able to hire freelancers without visiting a number of freelancing platforms and without having to use a variety of payment methods? What is the future of freelancing? Presentation describing the problem of freelancing as we know it today and how CanYa is going to change it.


Alexey BurdykoCEO at Play2Live

What is Play2Live and how will it innovate the sports and gaming streaming industry? Insightful speech revealing the most exciting features of the to-be-launched Play2Live platform and the details of how its ecosystem will work.

Cryptocurrency World Expo Warsaw Summit 2017

Recorded: December 2017, Warsaw

22 Talks

6 Hours

HD Quality

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